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El Wananchi: The sequence you saw and the Image that Painman posted most likely arrived from the magazine procedure of Captured SOB. London and HOM used to transform these out once they launched their videos as well as Picture is clearly a however shot.

It looks like I must just quit posting inside of scans. On the flip side, they are doing give Ralphus a possibility to stage to his Considerably remarkable scans complete with tales.

I undoubtedly concur with Miki Sunahora's nomination as most effective JAV female actress, and her electro torture scene in HBAD-216 was probably the greatest Jav electro scenes I have noticed.

JD The Second (but first in my heart) wrote: "I discovered the movie too artsy-fartsy for my flavor but our mileage may well range.

At the moment, "Club Cecilia" was a separate part of the internet site and I still Have a very large amount of pictures from Cecilia's tortures

And actually I feel Martyrs nicely illustrates why I normally don't like mainstream movies which do "GIMP scenes" (Hostel 2 Possibly staying an exception, given that the lady Bathory scene was very nicely performed I thought).

Any with the spectators who had any uncertainties regarding the commitment from the officer who decreed the shape of your execution should now undoubtedly have little doubt that he intended to do precisely as he experienced promised. They watched fascinated since the men fetched sturdy alligator clips with the machines racks, then clamp one particular firmly onto Each and every tortured nipple. Efficiently, due to dimensions on the clamps and so that you can have maximum grip and make certain they could not be torn unfastened, they ended up attached to the large aureoles which surrounded the nipples by themselves.

Simply to make clear… which is not a MAM cover, but considered one of The interior black and white illustrations that accompanied the stories. By now, I assume most GIMPers would know this, but for MAM newcomers, it would bear mentioning.

To turn a phrase from a completely click here to check the web site unrelated old movie, Casablanca, "A kiss continues to be a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh...but a scream remains a scream."

Ralphus has kindly posted An additional of my shorter stories, RELATIVE Electricity, for which MadBob has drawn the illustrations. I hope that People of you who elect to go through it will eventually take pleasure in it and give me your opinions over it, both privately to my email deal with (mentioned earlier mentioned) or on the GIMP forum. I also have An additional story that should be Prepared for submitting in each week or two ... and a third Tale that can be Prepared weekly or two after that (after I get permission to make use of the pictures to accompany it that I need to use). Also, I savored the postings and dialogue with regards to the Jac/ Amy movie Agent X (filmed when Amy was continue to Jane).

It really is merely a matetr of tweaking the textures over the cattle prod design, I recognize given that it's actually not ideal for the lights Employed in the picture. Here is the same cattle prod design with different texture setting, appears to be like additional weathered from use. (Enlarge the picure and it displays a lot better)

Modern-day filmmakers have tried some homages towards the exploitation motion pictures, but without having a real motivation to smut. For instance, the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez method of making exploitation-like movies with no nudity. So how exactly does that work?

The executioners ongoing with their endeavor. The straps lashed into each Element of the total, hefty breasts, except for their undersides. Regardless of her stretched placement, so big ended up they that gravity still ensured that a big proportion with the flesh lay concealed towards her rib cage.

I undoubtedly concur with Miki Sunahora's nomination as most effective JAV feminine actress, and her electro torture scene in HBAD-216 was among the finest Jav electro scenes I've seen.

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